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ESC Atlas of Cardiology

ESC Atlas of Cardiology

The ESC Atlas of Cardiology is a unique, comprehensive database including 300 CVD-related variables from 57 countries across Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

ESC Atlas has been identifying, mapping and analysing the status of healthcare systems from a cardiovascular perspective since 2016. It highlights trends, disparities and inequalities in the burden of CVD across its 57 member countries.

You will find data ranging from socio-demographics features, demand-side risk factors, and CVD epidemiology burden (mortality and morbidity), to supply of cardiac services, such as human and capital resources, services provided, and selected procedures performed.

The ESC Atlas provides valuable insights for evidence-based health policy in cardiology, as well as peer reviewed data for academics, clinician, the healthcare industry and others requiring high quality data from a trusted source.

The ESC Atlas of Cardiology could not exist without the data shared by its 57 National Cardiac Societies. Thank you to all those who help make this ambitious cardiovascular data centre a reality.

ESC Atlas of Cardiology variables

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