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ESC Atlas of Cardiology

Burden of Cardiovascular Disease Project

Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases project is a joint initiative collaboration between the European Society of Cardiology and the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford. The project estimates the economic burden of cardiovascular diseases in the ESC member countries. In short, how much CVD is costing us.

Burden of Disease provides up-to-date, relevant and reliable estimates on the financial burden CVD in order to provide solid evidence to all stakeholders involved in healthcare policy and implementation, including industry, policy-makers, healthcare managers, clinicians and patients.

Burden of Disease will provide valuable data on drivers of costs and variations across patient groups and help identify areas where differences within and across countries could be reduced by better adherence to existing guidelines and investment in cost-effective interventions. The project

will also enable evidence-based comparisons between the burden of different cardiovascular diseases, supporting policy makers to prioritize scarce resources to areas with the highest burden.

The Burden of Disease project will:

  • Estimate the societal burden of cardiovascular disease in ESC countries at a national level
  • Estimate the healthcare costs of specific disease modalities using patient-level data
  • Explore trends in costs of cardiovascular disease and the association between healthcare resources, treatments and patient outcomes